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Air Affinity

Air Affinity

 - Common Affinity - 
- Unranked - 
- Infinite Relic -

Air, Element, Affinity

Granted Abilities
Air Enhancement
Wind Blade
Leaf on the Wind
Wind Wall
Air Bubble

Tier 0 (Basic) Affinity

Boosts Speed and Agility

Level 100 Maximum

Law of Air
Rule of Archaic Air
Bloodline of Air Relics


There are five baseline elements and each has an affinity attributed to it. As with all affinities, this one grants a total of six abilities including the passive enhancement ability. As a basic affinity, the Air Affinity naturally appears across the myriad universes where the concept of air exists. Its tier can be upgraded as most Affinities can, all the way to tier ten. 


The Air Affinity appears in areas where concepts related to air flourish along with large quantities of Air Essence. Thus, these affinities are well known to fall from Cloud Islands and the sky itself, rarely appearing on or near the ground. 


When absorbed, the Air Affinity begins to construct a Wind Domain above the plane of the Soul Realm. The Domain allows for construction above the surface of your Soul Realm, automatically held up by the Domain itself. The Domain can be expanded as control over the concept of Archaic Air increases.

The six abilities are incarnated as a set of five cores which rotate around the Domain while a sixth floats in the center. The abilities become five stars around a gray stellar anchor which holds the domain in place. The Domain allows those who reside within your soul to learn its concept and further you in the process. 

Influence on Systems

The Air Affinity allows for generation of Air Relic Seeds, a spiritual material only available to the Systems with the Farming Aspect. They can only be grown in the Air Relic Domain. They also require a large space on an island of Zephrous Dirt. These Air Relic Seeds grow into a Archaic Air Tree. This tree itself grows Relic Air Oranges, which can be removed from the Soul Realm with minimal cost. 

The Air Affinity enhances most Air-related Systems, increasing the potency of their inbuilt abilities and powers.

With the Infinite System, the Air Affinity can grow unendingly, as well as its domain.


Influence on Reality

Once the holder of an Air Affinity has claimed a Spirit Domain somewhere in the Primary Material, Secondary Material or Tertiary Material Reality and ascended to the title of Domain Lord they can manifest a small amount of their own Archaic Air Domain in the location of their domain. As the domain expands, so can the room the Domain can occupy. In addition, other plants related to air can be cultivated in this Domain Manifest.

The Domain is centralized around a six-sided obelisk of silver-gray metal, runes and sigils are inscribed across the object demarcating the domain and its boundaries. This obelisk cannot be removed from the domain, and the metal it is constructed of is unclear to mundane and arcane senses. The boundaries of the Domain is also marked by an additional six obelisks of the same metal around the boundary, creating a hexagonal shape. 

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