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What is an Affinity?

An Affinity is created when large amounts of mana and essence coalesce in a single location. They are spheres of patterned power, containing six abilities which remain consistent across worlds and people, unlike their counterparts in the Nature Prisms. 

The Affinity Abilities

The six abilities are based on what that affinity represents to the sapient species of the Infinite Reality. The powers can be increased in power up to a zenith. Due to the interface of the Skill System, this power increase is directly quantified in the database as levels.

Further Description

Affinities can be combined into various Tiered Affinities, or evolved through specific rituals into those tiers. Outside of the affinity tiers are their rarities, with natural ones appearing in the Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary rarities. 

Tier 0 Affinities

Common Rarity

Uncommon Rarity

Rare Rarity

Epic Rarity

Legendary Rarity

Air Affinity

Accuracy Affinity

Dimension Affinity

Mana Affinity

Sin Affinity

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